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Rolex Air King Replica Watches is launching 12 unique and special clocks to celebrate its 260th anniversary on the market. The unique timepieces that make up the set are part of the Metiers d’Art series. Arca is the name of this novel clock, which features Art Deco-inspired decorations. The transparent housing is made from seven pieces of rock crystal. This allows you to see the impressive proprietary mechanical caliber, which has seven hand-beveled symmetries, constant force mechanism and a large power reserve.

As has already been stated, the first impressive clock of a series of 12 unique pieces actually belongs to a larger Metiers d'Art Collection. The lineage, named after a French term for artistic crafts demonstrates the brand's ability to use traditional decorative techniques and its exceptional know-how. Arca clock is a unique novelty that combines the skills of master watchmakers,ulysse nardin replica master engravers, master glaziers, master enamellists, master goldsmiths and master stone cutters. This is a truly beautiful horological work, as well as a work of art.

The housing of the Vacheron-Constantin Metiers d’Art Arca piece is made from clear quartz. Its production begins with a solid rock crystal weighing more than 120 pounds. The material is placed in a thermally-insulated chamber, and is exposed to temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Celsius. After that it is shaped to the desired shape. After cooling, the material is cut into five pieces and then polished. The material, once it has been shaped and polished to the desired level, is then mounted onto a silver base. The clock housing is completed after this stage. On the silver pieces that support the quartz housing, an intricate guilloche engraving is also added to the parts. This was inspired by Art Deco movements. The lower part of this construction is further enhanced with Grand Feu translucent enameling.

The beautiful transparent case made of treated minerals and sterling silver serves as the base for caliber 9260, a clock that is an artifact in itself. The caliber is made up of seven bridges that are hand-beveled. It is almost completely skeletonized.Replica Watches It is manually wound using a special key. The caliber is mechanical by nature. The chronometric accuracy is achieved by a constant-force mechanism. It has a 30-day power reserve that relies on two barrels. It is important to use a constant force mechanism because isochronism can occur at different stages of the power reserve. This problem becomes more apparent when the power reserve of a timepiece is so long.

Caliber 9260 measures 106 mm in length, 131.1mm in width and 58.7mm in thickness. The balance wheel is located at the top of the construction and oscillates slowly, at 2.5 Hz (18,000.00 vph). The construction is made up of 106 parts and 41 jewels.